Monday Moment: Feel it out

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Just another Monday? Sleepy, boring, stressful, ugh? Maybe, if that’s how you see it.

It’s either the first day of a five-day grind full of work, obligations and agendas, or it’s the beginning of a new week that holds infinite promise and potential for moments of joy, fun, and ease. Yes, that’s right, you may even get a few breaks in there, if you make the space for them. Even the unavoidable work part doesn’t have to be all that bad, if you look for the positive outcomes you create through it.

It may take some effort, and even feel a little forced, to try on a fresh perspective, but it the new angles you discover might just turn your whole week around.

“No-Fail” Friday: Step it up

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Earlier this week, I told you a little story about me and a hill on a hot summer day. There was drama, there was intrigue…actually, maybe not much of either, but there was a point to it. Sometimes, the key to getting through a challenge is right under your feet. Rather than sizing up the scope of the mountain you’re climbing, the best approach to making it to the top might be to connect with the place where you are right now, and focus on taking the next right step, rather than all the steps ahead.

Seems as though you’re “no-fail” mindfulness for this weekend is a challenge within a challenge. Or, at least, about one.  Read More

Uphill battle


Last weekend, I had the chance to escape the city for a few days and head to the mountains about an hour or so to the north. It was beautiful, and mercifully cooler than the summer heat that’s been laying flat on top of us down this way for weeks now. At one point while there, I decided to head out into nature and take a run. About half a mile into it, I realized something very important.  Read More