Monday Moment: Match point

Solange Fear quote w tag

Oh, fear. Say what you will, but we all know it well. It’s the force that quietly underlies so many of our “rational” choices, preventing us from taking risks, stretching our comfort zones and keeps us firmly rooted in playing to our known strengths. We feel it more often than we realize, or are willing to acknowledge. We ignore it often, and pretend we can conquer it by avoiding it. Meanwhile, there’s no better way to make any negative emotion grow than through neglect.

Solange has the right idea here, or at least a mindful one. Through learning to sit with uncomfortable feelings through mindfulness, we develop the ability to stare them in the face. We lose our discomfort with discomfort, and our fear of fear. We realize those feelings can only grow to the extent to which we are willing to feed them.

Energy flows where intention – and attention – goes. Don’t be afraid to use that truth strategically.

Photo credit: Sawyer Bengston 

Monday Moment: Note to self

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How’s this for a little inspiration on a November Monday morning? This one struck me in particular today, since so many of us in the MBA world are preoccupied with figuring out where our career should go next. But is that really the question? It makes it seem like you’re driving a bus that you’re only slightly in control of.

While there’s plenty about life that you can’t actually control, decisions about what to do with the majority of most of your days shouldn’t be one of them. They also shouldn’t really be made without checking in with your intuition. I mean, chances are, it’s checking in with you anyway.

Ever had that strange feeling in your gut that the option that looks so good on paper isn’t really the “right” one for you? Then you know what I’m talking about. When you don’t listen, it only gets louder. Paying attention to it may not give you immediate clarity, but it is likely to move you closer to the right next step for seeing your purpose emerge.

Photo credit: Lukáš Rychvalský

Monday Moment: Full capacity

Listen_Breathe Just a Little_M Oliver_Elliott Chau

The deepest breaths usually precede the biggest moments. Notice when they’re happening, when you need one, and when you should have taken a deeper one. Live a life that requires them as often as possible, for it is sure to be one of authentic, intentional adventure.

Photo credit: Elliott Chau