Monday Moment: Self-investment

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There’s a decades-old saying in the world of communications (where I started my career) that “the medium is the message.” In other words, what’s been said is only as effective as the source is captivating. What and how you see affect what you hear, and what you believe.

When it comes to the messages you’re sending yourself, how’s your delivery? Convincing? Or half-hearted? A little of both sometimes?

Try talking to yourself with the same level of clarity and purpose that you’d talk to a friend who was struggling through a tough patch, trying to make a dream a reality. You know they can do it. You know that you can, too.

And so you will.

Magical thinking

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My #currentmood has me contemplating perception, possibilities, and the limits we place on ourselves when we decide what can work based on what’s worked in the past, or for other people, or in stories we’ve read, or heard about. I’m less interested in deeply ingrained patterns at the moment than I am in creating new spaces, writing new definitions, and making choices based on intuition, and my personal truth.

Old ideas are like dead weight in the bottom of the bag of experience you’re always carrying around. Judgments, stories, frameworks, and yes, even “wisdom” that you auto-apply to situations when their ambiguity makes you feel anxious only drag you down. They prevent you from being fully present for the unfolding of the new – for the magic show that is life without the boundaries of expectations, or the instant assignment of “meaning” to every moment.

What if whatever happens today is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before? What if it holds the potential to usher you into something extraordinary? What if there is no playbook for it in your archive of personal reference points?

It might feel kind of magical, especially when you realize that you are the magician.

Missing your regular “No-Fail” Friday mindfulness challenges? Don’t worry, they’re coming back soon! For now, remember, you’re only one intentional breath away from a perfectly mindful moment. 

Pouring it hot

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It feels so good, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes, anyway. That moment when you realize the person across the room from you is thinking the same thing about that other person, who just did something you both thought was super weird. Or, when you finally get the chance to grab some drinks with your work bestie, and blast your way through your entire floor before the ice has even melted on round one.

It’s easy, and so. very. human. We love to bond with each other because it makes us feel like we belong, which in turn makes us feel safe. Light chatter of the “hot tea” (aka, fresh gossip) variety also subtly reinforces what’s “normal” and “ok,” and what isn’t, according to us anyway – and hopefully the person listening. Kind of like…judgement. Well, exactly like it.


I’m not saying you’re never gonna divulge a juicy, hot-off-the-DM tidbit ever again. I’m also not saying I’m going to stop listening if you do. Buuuut, we could probably both do a little better some of the time to at least be aware of the choice. Pay attention to the little signals your mind and body send you when the intention has gone a little off the rails, and gotten lost. Maybe go ahead and just take a breath, and let that tea cool a minute before you sip.