“No-Fail” Friday: Overserved?


Morning! For those of you in the U.S., welcome to the day after Thanksgiving, also known as “Black Friday” for the retail therapy aficionados out there, but really known to most of us as the day the leftovers give you life. For this early moment, though, it might just be best to start with a cup of tea. ;-)

Even though it’s technically still a holiday, I couldn’t resist the perfect timing for a “No-Fail” Friday mindfulness challenge. Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Afraid not


Although this week’s earlier post had a lot to do with handling success, there was a bit more to it than that. It was about that underlying sensation that often accompanies a groundswell of good fortune, even when you’ve been working hard for it for as long as you can remember. What exactly is it? Uncertainty? Doubt? Sure, maybe. But underneath all of that, there’s really something else buried deep in there.

Scared to say it?

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“No-Fail” Friday: Access granted


Fridays are by definition one of the best days of the week. For many, it’s the last day of the work or school week, with the whole weekend stretched out in front of you – not to mention the joy of a “no-fail” mindfulness challenge. OK, well, regardless, Friday afternoon should be an easy-breezy slide into 48 hours of kicking back…

So, which part of that sentence made you laugh more? Was it the easy Friday, or the idea of a low-key, relaxing weekend?

Both? Ah, well that sounds about right.  Read More