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You’re not a simple being. You have basic needs, yes, and dare I say it, some basic moments now and then. However, you are also everything the universe holds, condensed. You have limitless potential complicated by limiting beliefs ranging from self-doubt to ego-centrism, from ancestral trauma to fear of the unknown future.

Oh yes, though, you sure can make things harder than they need to be. Who’s surprised by that, though? You’ve got a lot going on in that consciousness of yours. You’re trying to do this spirit-becomes-a-human thing and it’s hard AF. That’s what you signed up for, though.

So be kind. Be gentle. Whatever you’ve got going on right now, choose to love yourself through it. Negative self talk likes to pretend it’s a motivator, but it’s just dead weight. Embrace your challenges as gifts, and remember that whatever is in front of you is no harder, or easier, than anything anyone else is holding.

There is no such thing as “simple” in the human experience. What would be the point if there was? You’d be bored out of your very human brain, and you know it. 😉

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Monday Moment: Hustle or flow

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We all want to be seen for exactly who we are. Yet, when we step out into the world, we’re afraid to show who that is. We focus outward, and ask ourselves, “Who do I need to be in order to succeed in this space?”

Adaptability is a survival skill. It helps us belong, which reduces the odds that we’ll freeze or starve to death, in a primitive sense. But as Brené Brown said in her recent Netflix special, belonging and fitting in are two different things.

Fitting in means molding yourself. Figuring out what “they” want, and giving it to them. Standing outside of your story, and trying to validate your worthiness based on what “they” need.

Belonging is owning your shit and being accepted for it. ALL of it. Yup, this is me, and this is all of my stuff, and take or leave it. This is my story. I’m gonna walk inside it, and know my worthiness is BECAUSE of it, not despite it.

So…what if you’re in a space where you have to adapt to thrive? Can you make being there a choice instead of an obligation? Can you preserve yourself in the process? Or, is it time to find a new space?

When we have the strength to own our story and present ourselves exactly as we are, looking for people and spaces where that true self is valued, we burst wide open, in the best possible way. Our potential becomes limitless, because we are operating with all of our personal power.

The truth is never good or bad, it’s neutral. It’s how we see it that makes it one or the other. As you wake up this Monday, how do you see your beautiful self? Spoiler alert, I just gave you a clue. ;-)


That’s just silly

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Facts: Mondays can be rough. When things are hard, it’s tempting to vent to those around you to alleviate the yucky feelings from off your chest. In the moment, it feels like we’re handing them away to someone else. What we’re really doing is multiplying them — spreading them without reduction. Feeding negativity.

Venting feels good because it’s an effort at bonding, and it’s raw honesty. You don’t need to go low to get those things, though.

Today’s April Fool’s Day – a day built for lightness and laughter. For being silly, and letting your inner child run loose.

If you notice your Monday vibe isn’t quite what it could be on this day when jokes rule, mindfully shift. Lighten up. Since energy is contagious, consider spreading something more infectious than anything that weighs you down. 

Laughter. It’s the best medicine, capable of curing all mood-induced ills. Spread it far and wide, and let the epidemic rule the day.

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