What else is there


There’s a distinct possibility that in reading this post at this very moment, you are not only benefitting yourself immensely and contributing towards your overall well-being (I mean, obviously…ahem), but also engaging in a secondary effort. Not to undermine my own efforts here, but is there somewhere else you should be right now? Something else your brain should be focused on? You know I love that you take the time to check in here on the regular, and please, pretty please, don’t stop. BUT, I have to admit that this miraculous invention of digital technology provides endless excuses for not doing what we probably should be doing. It’s literally a distraction machine, at your fingertips at all times.

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Terra firma


Maybe it’s just me. It might be. I doubt it, though. If it is just me, that would be ok, though. I might actually be a little relieved. I’ll put it out there just in case…ok, here goes…does it seem like maybe lately, the world has kind of lost its mind? As in, many of the people in it are parting ways with sanity, as well as the actual planet itself might be losing it a little? With political discord, a growing diplomacy void, and repeated back-to-back natural disasters, I’m starting to wonder what exactly is up. More than ever, meditation feels like a small, quiet act in a big, angry world.

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What’s happening


This post is going up a little late because everything has been happening a little behind schedule this week. As you may have heard, Mother Nature has been having her way with our section of the globe lately, although I take no blame because I was occupying my time on the other side of it for the past two weeks. My journey home began on Sunday in Vietnam, and finally ended more than 48 hours later. Was that the original plan? Not whatsoever. Did I have a choice? Not whatsoever.

Sometimes you gotta roll with what’s happening, even if it isn’t what you expected, or envisioned.

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