Return to sender


Today’s the day, y’all. The red, the pink, the lace, the hearts. They’re everywhere. If you’re allergic to roses, you might want to stay out of public today. Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Whether you’re matched up or not this year, I’m probably not the first person to tell you that any love relationship worth your time starts with loving yourself first. If your relationship status is currently anything other than “totally smitten,” today is a unique opportunity for you. Read More

Ride it out


We live in time when things can change fast. Everything moves fast, from transportation to communication, and as a result, so do we. Our bodies move around from one place to the next, fulfilling jam-packed agendas, “multi-tasking” along the way. (You know I put that quotes because there’s really no such thing…see bullet #3.) Our thoughts race incessantly from one topic to the next, often trailing off in incomplete sentences and waves of distraction. We’re all about change, chasing the newest of everything, from material things to information. We can’t go a minute without looking at our phones because who knows what we might have missed in those precious 60 seconds of flux?

We know nothing stays the same, and we love it. Except for all those times when we don’t.  Read More

Agile process


Can you believe we’re halfway through the week already? It’s been a quick one for me, mainly because I’ve had about 32 hours of living planned for each 24 cycle I got. You know how it is. It all looks so good “on paper” until you actually start trying to do it all. There are lessons at every turn, so I’m taking notes and intentionally planning differently for the weeks to come. Since being mindful is about not getting caught up in thoughts about the future, however, I’m also making some intentional changes in the here and now.

The future’s just an idea, you know. If you’re looking for real, this moment is it.  Read More