Thankfully, yes


In business, striving for your next step is how you stay alive. If you’re content where you are, you had better be really content because before long, you will find yourself alone there, as your colleagues or classmates (or competition) keep pushing ahead, deciding how to take everything they are working on to the “next level.”

At least that’s how it feels, right? Read More

Positive momentum

Skateboard_Sean Stratton

Have you ever stepped onto an escalator or one of those “moving walkways” in an airport and temporarily lost your balance for a second? Maybe it was moving faster than you thought, or maybe you just weren’t sufficiently prepared to absorb its momentum with the items you were carrying, or dragging, along with you. Chances are you regained your balance by righting yourself, or briefly leaning on a handrail or a person nearby, before laughing it off and (literally) moving on. It may have been scary for a second, though, that unexpected movement under feet that were already moving. Read More

Asset allocation


I talk to a lot of stressed out people on a regular basis. I mean, technically we all do, because most people these days would at least occasionally describe themselves as stressed, or at least “busy,” which pretty readily melts into “stressed” before you know it. In particular, the people I’ve been interacting with – mainly through my coaching work – are talking about feeling that specific type of overwhelmed that you feel when you have way more to do that you think you can. Inevitably, we end up coming back to the same subject:  Read More