Private Coaching & Sessions

Interested in setting up a mindfulness session, workshop or training for your group, or for yourself?

My approach is designed to make a variety of mindfulness and stress reduction techniques accessible and directly applicable to the regular, everyday lives of business school applicants, students and alumni. I can customize an in-person or virtual program that meets you or your group’s needs in terms of length, scope and focus, depending on the setting and your goals for it.

Classes can include seated breathwork, visualization exercises, mindful movement, and other techniques, as well as interactive discussion. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to use mindfulness techniques in their daily lives, for both ongoing and “in-the-moment” stress management.

Mindfulness equips individuals with tools they can use to reduce stress and anxiety, enabling them to be calm, clear and centered decision-makers in the midst of challenging situations. Sound like a leadership skillset you or your group could use? Contact me to learn more about strategies you really can use to catch your breath, and unleash your potential.

 I-on-1 session (60 minutes): $175
Package of 3 sessions (60 minutes each): $500
Contact me to schedule, or inquire about rates for MBA Admissions Coaching Services. 

GROUP SESSIONS also available. Contact me to schedule.

Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight


“During the preparation for my GMAT, I was very anxious about the time constraints of the exam. I realized that this stress was affecting my ability to perform well. I was introduced to mindfulness by Shannon, and this honestly changed how I reacted while taking the exam. Shannon is not only knowledgeable about the topic but also knows how to tailor techniques to each individual. This led me to perform at my best. I am past the GMAT now and I’m still listening to and enjoying Shannon’s recordings periodically as they help me find my balance when I’m flooded with work and meetings.”

~ Alejandro (New York)