“No-Fail” Friday: Listen-only mode


Would you call yourself much of a reader? Do you like catching up on books, articles, and maybe a well-written blog post now and then (ahem)? Some people really dig it; others do it when and if they have to, and that’s about it.

Lucky for them, we live in a world right now where there are lots of alternatives to staring at words on a page. Read More

Fully (re)charged

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You’ve seen this one before from me, but it’s what keeps going through my head today. As you know if you’ve been reading, or listening, or taking my classes for a while, I am especially interested in the relationship between mindfulness and power. My personal opinion is that the ability to intentionally cultivate presence, to show up, to really pay attention and to bring all of your strengths into play in a given moment, is a superpower.  What’s even more incredible is that we are all born with it, and even if we haven’t paid it a second of  mind until today, it’s still there for you. It always will be. But to access it, you have to turn inward, and take a second to catch your breath so that you can go ahead an unleash all of that incredible potential.

Monday Moment: See the light

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Sometimes people think of mindfulness as being about letting go of things. Let go of anger and frustration, of ego and self-judgment, of all your thoughts entirely. I mean, go ahead and give that a shot, but speaking as a human being, I think you might find yourself, well…frustrated and angered by the attempt. Not only is getting “over it” a lot harder than you might expect, clearing your mind completely is impossible. That’s not your job here. The idea is to see what’s there – what’s going on within you – and to account for it without responding to it, unless and until you want to.

But stuff’s gonna go on. That’s the difference between you and a robot, although honestly, even the robot’s got a lot going on.

One of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s well-known quotes is, “It is not a matter of letting go. You would if you could. Instead of ‘Let it go,’ we should probably say ‘Let it be.'” Learn to observe, and you will find that there is always a sliver of light – and sometimes a lot more than that – no matter how difficult things may seem, or how painful that Monday alarm clock. It is what it is. Let it be, and keep going.

Photo credit: Abby Kihano

“No-Fail” Friday: Duly noted


Most of the time, when people talk about why mindfulness can be challenging, it’s about quieting the chatter in their minds. We know our minds are busy, and sometimes that noise gets a little overwhelming. So, we focus on the potential for mindfulness to slow that rush, or more precisely, to give us space to observe it without getting too caught up in it.

As we talked about on Wednesday, there’s a whole other layer to that internal framework, though, and it often suffers from neglect – and sometimes even denial. From other people — not you, of course.  Read More