“No-Fail” Friday: Very superstitous


How are you on this especially spooooooky Friday? Avoiding ladders, black cats, cracks in the sidewalk, and other pitfalls of the superstitious? It’s funny how we engage with different myths, legends, and beliefs in our everyday lives, isn’t it? We pride ourselves on being super rational, and then, you know, there are stories like this one. Good for some giggles, or some beads of sweat – depends on your personal perspective.

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Milemarker Two


It’s hard for me to believe this even as a write it, but this week marks the two-year anniversary of MindfulMBA. This sweet little site has been refreshed with new content three times a week for two years. I mean, I’m a person with a lot to say, but that reality is surprising even to me – and I’m the one who’s been cranking it out!

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Monday Moment: Don’t worry

T Petty_Worry Never Happens quote_Lukasz Lada

I’m a little late getting this one up, but it feels like the right one for today nonetheless. That’s the thing about great art, right? Every time you find a new perspective through which to appreciate it, it’s new. That’s not just true about art, either. You can (take a breath, and then) take a step back and reframe anything in your life at any time, from achievements to challenges and relationships, and yes, even Monday mornings.

Your potential is only limited by your perspective. Worry is a tempting trap that does nothing but use your energy to replicate itself. Don’t fall into it, because you need your energy for better things.

It is Monday, after all. ;-)

Photo credit. Lukasz Lady