Monday Moment: Full capacity

Listen_Breathe Just a Little_M Oliver_Elliott Chau

The deepest breaths usually precede the biggest moments. Notice when they’re happening, when you need one, and when you should have taken a deeper one. Live a life that requires them as often as possible, for it is sure to be one of authentic, intentional adventure.

Photo credit: Elliott Chau 

Monday Moment: Dare you

S Kirkegaard Lose Oneself quote w tag

Some weeks just feel like they need to start on a bold note. No matter what kind of a weekend you had, Mondays are rarely a welcome arrival. As with many of the harder things in life, you get yourself moving through it, and before you know it, it’s over.

This goes for the bigger stuff we’re avoiding, too. If your heart, and your intuition, and maybe even your mind tell you that there’s something amazing in the other side of a heaping scoop of courage, then serve it up. You may feel thrown for a moment, but really, it’s the only way to stay connected to the very best version of yourself.

Inhale, exhale…leap.

Photo credit: Nathan Engel 

No-Fail Friday: Choose your own adventure


This weekend, we march into the uncharted territory of a new year – one whose gifts, challenges, opportunities and blessings are yet unknown. The question is, will you show up for it?

It is a choice, you know. Everything is. Every day, you are offered the chance to choose growth, to choose to know yourself better, to choose to see another person more clearly – more compassionately. You can take action from a place of authenticity, speaking the truth as it resonates with you. It isn’t always easy, but it is always possible, and it’s a choice that renews itself constantly.  Read More