Fully (re)charged

Alice Walker power quote w tag

You’ve seen this one before from me, but it’s what keeps going through my head today. As you know if you’ve been reading, or listening, or taking my classes for a while, I am especially interested in the relationship between mindfulness and power. My personal opinion is that the ability to intentionally cultivate presence, to show up, to really pay attention and to bring all of your strengths into play in a given moment, is a superpower.  What’s even more incredible is that we are all born with it, and even if we haven’t paid it a second of  mind until today, it’s still there for you. It always will be. But to access it, you have to turn inward, and take a second to catch your breath so that you can go ahead an unleash all of that incredible potential.

Monday Moment: Fully charged

Alice Walker power quote w tag

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you know I’m a believer that mindfulness brings not only peace but also power, as we strengthen our ability to find “the space between stimulus and response”(Viktor Frankl) and react intentionally to people and situations. The best part is that this power is always with you, as it’s derived from simply being able to find your breath, and use it to connect to the present moment. Although we can’t always control how our bodies and brains initially react to something, we can decide what we do as a result. That’s power, and you have it. It starts with a simple inhale and exhale.

Have an empowered week!

Photo credit: Andrew Ridley