Monday Moment: The other side

A Earhart courage quote w tag

Mondays are hard, especially if you’re among those coming off a long holiday week. So, maybe for you, this quote is more about having the courage to face your Monday for the peace that Friday is, in fact, on the horizon. Or, maybe there’s something bigger for you in this one. Fear of taking a leap that could transport you into something wonderful. Hesitation to branch out, try something new, or even believe that you can do something that only exists in your wildest dreams, for now. Maybe the courage you need to get there is just a few deep, intentional breaths away.

Monday Moment: Actual cost

A Earhart courage quote w tag

This is one of those quotes that takes a minute to absorb, in my opinion anyway. I mean, if you need courage for something, it’s probably hard or scary, and what’s so peaceful about that?

Peace comes from knowing that your activities, surroundings, and overall choices are in line with your intentions, values and priorities, all of which mindfulness can help connect you with. Sometimes, we realize that our decisions have led us a bit out of that alignment, and getting it back requires doing a few things that we’d rather not.

It sometimes takes courage to claim the peace that is rightfully yours. A great starting point for setting out in that direction? Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Photo credit: Cristina Gottardi

Monday Moment: Next steps


Carrying our theme about decisions into this week for just a minute…this quote caught my eye recently and got me thinking. Last week, we talked about challenging choices, and how they sometimes aren’t as much of a struggle as you might think they are; it’s just a question of checking in to your intuition – your “gut” – to acknowledge what it’s telling you to do. But once you do that, what next? Once you’re honest with yourself about what you want, how do you move forward, especially if the path your intuition is telling you to take is slightly off the grid?

I think our girl Amelia may have been on to something here. Depending on the choice, you may need to lean on your intuition to keep you going, to give you the courage to turn that hunch into your reality. Listening to your intuition can give you not only clarity, but also strength, purpose and, yes, tenacity, if you continue to stay connected to it. Easy?  Maybe not. Important? Always, as long as living authentically is something you’re interested in.

Have a (mindfully) courageous week.