Monday Moment: Go from here

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As we find ourselves looking at the early side of yet another Monday, a little reminder from someone whose wisdom is often encapsulated in humor. Whether it’s tonight, or Friday, or whatever comes next in your life journey, the best route to getting there is from this very spot. Take a breath right where you are, and when it’s time, take the next step forward. One intentional move is worth at least ten that you didn’t mean to make.

Have a mindful week!

Photo credit: Dawid Zawila 

Team spirit

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You had me at “3 words that describe you best”


We’ve all been there. After days, or maybe even weeks of bated breath, there it is. The message arrives. It’s a huge relief and so exhilarating…until the anxiety sets in. How personal is too personal when it comes to topics to raise? Which outfit says “I care about this” without trying too hard? Should you practice in advance, or just let the conversation flow? How should you respond to those dreaded questions about the long-term?

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