Nothing ventured, nothing gained


I meet a lot of entrepreneurs in my line of work, and I have an undeniable soft spot for them. I love the combination of creativity, passion, drive and courage that goes into building something from scratch, and using everything you can muster to try to get it to stand on its own two feet. I love their willingness to feel failure hanging over their shoulders, and to turn away from it and do the work anyway, even though they know that they might have to eventually admit defeat. And if they do, I love that most of them will dust themselves off and try again – either on the same note or a different one. There’s that idea you hear them talk about that you eventually take the leap because you get to a point where you just “can’t not” do it. I definitely get that (you’re looking at evidence of it), and I love it – not just because that kind of confidence pulls you in, but because it relies so heavily on something else… Read More