Eyes over here

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I’m a yoga teacher, and I tend to use yoga analogies both in and out of the studio space. One of my faves is to “keep your eyes on your own mat,” which could be more roughly translated to “mind your own business.” Important business it is, though, and it needs your full attention. Your path is only yours, and the choices, opportunities and mistakes of other people aren’t your concern. Even more, they’re certainly not a map for your journey.

Whether through FOMO or just pure inspiration, spending too much time worrying about whether you’re on the “right” track in comparison to someone else takes away from the depth of your own experience, on your path. You know, the one no one else gets to walk. The one that’s exactly, ideally perfect for you, and only you. Don’t miss it; the traffic should be pretty light. ;-)


Monday Moment: Mixed messages

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To be or not to be…a consultant. A banker. A non-profit manager. A brand management guru. A startup prodigy. None of the above. All of the above. If you have a life that allows you to consider even one of these options as a realistic path – let alone to be confounded by the possibility that any of them could be viable for you – you’re a fortunate soul. Of course, we are all capable of becoming the person we want to be, but the road is longer and the climb a little steeper for some over others. I don’t have to tell you this.

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You and yours


One of the most frustrating pieces of advice to receive is the instruction to “be yourself.” Often, the reflexive internal response is “Yes, but how?” or maybe even “Which one?” When all you want to know is how to present yourself in a certain situation, “being yourself” feels like not making an effort, which – when something really matters to you – feels strangely…inauthentic. Or, inappropriate, anyway. But how else are you supposed to make the right impression? How else are you supposed to be the person you think the other party would prefer you to be?

There’s a difference between making an effort and becoming someone else. Read More