Begin again (x2)

Parachute sunrise_Nitin Dhumal

There’s usually a lot of excitement in the air in January, when the new year begins and we feel like we have the opportunity to start fresh. You know I have some thoughts about formal resolutions, but I like a new beginning – a chance to start with a blank slate – as much as anyone. Of course, beginnings can also bring with them the unknown, questions about our identity and maybe some anxiety about the unfamiliar. Who will we be in this new chapter? What should we expect from it? Will we be able to get comfortable? Well, sure you will, if you want to. But, it’s the discomfort that’s the interesting part, right?   Read More

Monday Moment: Double-sided


You’ve heard the saying that there are two sides to every coin, which of course, is true about way more than just coins. Depending on what’s up in your life lately, this quote may make you feel relieved, slightly panicked, or neither. They way something looks to you is entirely about your perspective, and the direction of your focus. Mindfulness trains us to both notice and gently guide our focus, while observing the responses that occur both within and outside of us as we move through life. It makes us more capable of realizing that what we experience has more to do with the lens through which we’re looking at it than with the thing itself. As Anaïs Nin reminded us many Mondays ago, no matter what we’re looking at, we’re always looking through ourselves first.

Have a lovely beginning to your week.

Photo credit: LoboStudio Hamburg