No-Fail Friday: Update & restart


I don’t want to try to speak for you, but I’m guessing that maybe it hasn’t been the easiest week. Campuses and offices are back in full swing after winter holidays, workloads are building back up, and also…well, as we talked about earlier this week, the world as you know it may feel like it’s suddenly, rapidly changing. It can be a lot to try to manage at once, this combination of the mundane, the annoying and the epic. It’s hard to know where to put your energy, or how to find any energy at all. I definitely get it, which is why this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge is going to cover two important bases: restoring, and then, rebooting.

We can’t have you this confused and exhausted for the foreseeable future, can we? There’s too much work to be done, and you’re too capable not to be doing it.  Read More



I will tell you what…those of us whose work involves the practice of stress management in some shape or form have had our work cut out for us lately. Life usually throws us enough curveballs in this day and age to keep us all bobbing and weaving through the stress gauntlet, but lately, there have been some extra layers to manage, and even the most reliable distractions aren’t enough to offer an escape. Are you feeling it, too? It’s hard not to… Read More

The mindful grind


If there’s a phrase I have heard most during these first few weeks of 2017, it’s probably not “Happy New Year,” but something more along the lines of “back to the grind.” After weeks of downtime (family, binge-watching, sleeeeeep), turned-up time (friends, parties, travel), and maybe even some alternative work on that second job you’ve had for the past year (applications submitted!!!), it’s time to head back to that increasingly-familiar planet known as regular, everyday adulting. Back to work, back to classes, back to the grind as you currently know it. No question, it’s harsh – or that’s how it feels, anyway. As you’ve already started to notice, it’s not so much what you’re looking at but how you’re looking at it that contributes to your inner angst.

So what is it about this “reality” you’re headed back to that makes it so painful?  Probably, a few things.  Read More