What not to do

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Last week, I confessed that I have trouble sitting still. Not just in meditation, but often in meditation. Part of the reason is that I like movement, and the other part is that I’m just so used to being busy that just being without the “busy” feels awkward. Not only am I accustomed to my body always having a reason to move, but my mind thinks it has some pretty important places to go, too. If I can’t sit still for ten minutes when I’ve got full permission from myself and my schedule to do so, then asking my mind to do it seems a little ridiculous, yes?  Read More


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I know a thing or two about busy-ness. Probably much like you, most of my days include way more “to-do” items than a human could possibly get done in a day. I like to think it’s because we are naturally optimistic, but there are nights when I look at the half-completed list and think maybe “delusional” captures it better. Either way, not only does it quickly lead to feelings of intense “overwhelmia,” it leaves us zero time for mindfulness.  Read More