Meet you there

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The waiting is the hardest part. Waiting for the news, waiting for the day to arrive, waiting in the lobby to hear your name called. It’s a huge relief and so exhilarating…until the anxiety sets in. Now that you’ve been invited to do it, you have to actually go and do it.

How personal is too personal when it comes to topics to raise? Which outfit says “I care about this” without trying too hard? Should you practice in advance, or just let the conversation flow? How should you respond to those dreaded questions about the “long-term”?

Is this a first date? In a sense, yeah. Read More

Meaning what


You’ve probably been hearing it for years. Find your passion. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Live your purpose – and so on. And who doesn’t want to feel that way, right? Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning filled with the sense that everything you’re about to spend your day doing will be personally meaningful and make a worthwhile impact in the world? It’s a lot of pressure, though, to feel like you have to find “that thing” that will make you bounce out of bed, filled with happiness, ready for a day in which your work feels like play. It is both utterly unrealistic, and entirely possible. The possible lies in getting there; the challenge is in staying there.  Read More

Monday Moment: Mission-driven


I’m loving this quote this Monday for several reasons. One of the great things about professional life in this day and age is that many of us will spend our careers reinventing ourselves many times over, if we want to. At the same time, however, we want our work to have meaning and impact, which isn’t easy to achieve if you’re deliberately jumping around every 18 months or so. Impact is maximized when efforts – and results – are cumulative. You can evolve, of course, but your shifts should be intentional and in line with your larger mission. Easier said than done, right, because how exactly do you know what that is?

As this quote from one of history’s greatest innovators encourages, you check in. The answers are not in a frantic external search, but in internal stillness. You need information, of course, to know your options. But often times, when we are flooded with uncertainty and indecision is exactly when we stop listening to our  inner voice — or intuition. If you want to build a life based on meaning, then you have to look inward to determine what is meaningful to you. For that, you need tools – like mindfulness – that can help you tap into the wisdom that is within you. You know more than you think you do, if you would just let your (inner) self speak, and listen.

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”  — Rumi

Photo credit: Filip Bunkens