Monday Moment: Mixed messages

D LaPorte Who You Should Be_Alexandr Baranets

To be or not to be…a consultant. A banker. A non-profit manager. A brand management guru. A startup prodigy. None of the above. All of the above. If you have a life that allows you to consider even one of these options as a realistic path – let alone to be confounded by the possibility that any of them could be viable for you – you’re a fortunate soul. Of course, we are all capable of becoming the person we want to be, but the road is longer and the climb a little steeper for some over others. I don’t have to tell you this.

When you have the luxury of choices, they can be paralyzingly stressful, though. Read More

Not for me


You all know that the topics I write about here aren’t coming from a place of high-and-mightiness, right?  I’m usually writing about things that I’m in the process of learning, or learning again, myself. Rumi said that “When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from one who has never left home.” So, good news if you happen to be interested in taking my advice: I’m definitely right there on that journey, too.

There’s a thought that has been running through my mind lately, and for good reason. Read More

No-Fail Friday: Goes without saying…?


This week, we definitely took a swim in the deeper end of the mindfulness pool with our conversation on the truth, and its various complexities. If you stuck around for it, I give you credit, as it wasn’t the easiest stuff to digest. But, such is the work of growing into ourselves, right? If you want to live authentically, much less lead others to do the same, you have to do the work, starting with yourself. No one said leadership was easy.

As I said, I wasn’t trying to run an advanced seminar on moral philosophy so much as I was presenting some ways for thinking about how we use what we believe to be the truth. When and how we choose to speak matters, and has as much to do with what we need from ourselves as it does with any kind of external, moral code. This weekend’s mindfulness challenge will give you an excuse to think more about the “you” piece of this equation, which is not usually where our attention goes when we’re locked in battle with the truth.  Read More