“No-Fail” Friday: Outta my way

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This week’s main post was about finding the balance between the gentle discipline of mindfulness and the cultivation of space for unrestrained creativity in our very productive lives. The point (according to me) was that a little daily mindfulness can help to organize the sometimes chaotic chatter in our brains, not just by giving us moments of quiet peace, but also enabling us to be more efficient, and ideally, also creative.

So for this weekend’s mindfulness challenge, we’re flipping the script.  Read More

Monday Moment: Self-investment

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There’s a decades-old saying in the world of communications (where I started my career) that “the medium is the message.” In other words, what’s been said is only as effective as the source is captivating. What and how you see affect what you hear, and what you believe.

When it comes to the messages you’re sending yourself, how’s your delivery? Convincing? Or half-hearted? A little of both sometimes?

Try talking to yourself with the same level of clarity and purpose that you’d talk to a friend who was struggling through a tough patch, trying to make a dream a reality. You know they can do it. You know that you can, too.

And so you will.

Glow up

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You know that saying about “getting out of your own way”? Turns out Ralph was onto it way before your mom, or your 9th grade teacher, or your basketball coach ever were. We’re so good at trying protecting ourselves from the awkward, painful and ridiculous, that we often count ourselves out before we even take a shot at that next step. In school, at work, in our relationships. How many times has “that would be crazy” or “that would never work” been the first and last word on something your heart was telling you to try?

No more. It’s summer, after all. Stop hiding, and get out there and soak up the sun.