“No-Fail” Friday: Receiving mode


How’s your road through the rest of this week been? Straightforward? A few surprise curves or bumps? Our theme earlier this week was the idea of being “in the driver’s seat” in your life, and how ambitious people can often struggle with the idea that they may not be fully in control of the wheel. Even when events catch us off guard or throw us off our game, we still like to think we’re the ones calling the shots.

Letting go of that idea is super scary. BUT, it also – strangely – brings you closer to actual control.  Read More

Power steering


Ambitious people are used to making things work. Their efforts may have to be extended or dialed up, and it may take multiple attempts and strategy shifts, but they are set on getting where they’re going. It’s just a matter of when. When you think about it, it’s strange that we call people like this “driven,” when really, they’re driving. Or, at least that’s what they think.

By “they,” I mean you. Well…us, really.  Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Quarter mile


This week’s theme has been steadiness. Or, maybe it’s actually been peace…or calm? Hmmm…well, it’s apparently not been clarity. Just kidding, y’all, but for real though. This week, we talked about those times in life when everything you can possibly imagine having to deal with demands to be dealt with. There isn’t one thing that’s holding its own. None of the pots on your stove are on simmer; they are all boiling over. You get my drift. It’s hectic.

It’s the perfect moment for a “no-fail” mindfulness challenge. Just gimme a sec. I promise I’m getting there.

The thing is, during times like this, mindfulness often takes a backseat, or maybe even gets tossed out by the roadside. There’s no space on your to-do list for slowing the chatter in your mind. That noise is everything you need, right? It’s the all-important reminder of everything you have to do. I think the real question is, though, does it actually help you do it?  Read More