Handful Leaves_Stocksnap_Cecil Vedemil

Chances are, when you were a kid, someone raised you right and taught you to say “thank you” when someone did something nice for you. If you forgot, you got a little (or not so little) nudge from the grown-up side to do so. As adults, most of us are pretty good at remembering to say “thanks” when it’s appropriate, and may occasionally even do it without realizing it, or perhaps without even really meaning it. We say thanks almost reflexively when someone holds a door or passes the salt or picks up something we’ve dropped. We’re especially good at expressing gratitude for things we weren’t expecting. A kind gesture or comment that catches us by surprise, a piece of great news or a gift we didn’t see coming usually elicit a deeper gratitude – a combination of feeling special and also feeling momentarily more connected to the person responsible. Of course, there are also moments of gratitude that take our breath away. Read More