“No-Fail” Friday: Currently unavailable


If you kept up with us this week, you know we talked about both the challenge and the liberation of learning to say “no” to people, projects and even “opportunities” that your intuition tells you aren’t right, or are just aren’t right for right now. Everyone’s different, but for some of us, it’s easier to please others than it is to do right by ourselves. You don’t have to look hard to realize that we have ourselves a pretty substantial mindfulness challenge right here. I know, I know…but it is ok to say “yes” to this one.  Read More



On Monday, I promised you that there was more to be said on the topic du jour, and promised we’d pick it up again later in the week. I made that commitment to you, in writing. So, I guess that means there’s no getting out of it.

Not that I’d want to. I like writing this blog, which is why I created it, and I choose the topics. But still, I also know…I promised.

Commitments are tough like that, right? Once you make them, you’re locked in. Unless you’re flaky. Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Inner spark


If this week’s earlier post was in part about turning inward, as posts around here often are, but also about taking a step back. When you’re busy, and often under pressure, and overloaded, and under-slept, decision-making is tough. When someone shows you a path that seems perfectly sensible, with all the steps mapped out and verified, it can look pretty darn good to a set of tired eyes. Maybe I’ll just do that for a minute, you think, or just a little while longer than that. Once I get my energy back, then I’ll get back to charting my own course. Then I’ll get back to finding my purpose, and lighting the world on fire. Then I’ll get back to really being me.

I’ve been there. It’s not easy.  Read More