What else is there


There’s a distinct possibility that in reading this post at this very moment, you are not only benefitting yourself immensely and contributing towards your overall well-being (I mean, obviously…ahem), but also engaging in a secondary effort. Not to undermine my own efforts here, but is there somewhere else you should be right now? Something else your brain should be focused on? You know I love that you take the time to check in here on the regular, and please, pretty please, don’t stop. BUT, I have to admit that this miraculous invention of digital technology provides endless excuses for not doing what we probably should be doing. It’s literally a distraction machine, at your fingertips at all times.

It comes at you in different ways, though, doesn’t it?  Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Screen time


Earlier this week, I shared my personal belief (and experience) that the effects of a regular mindfulness practice will probably show up in your everyday life before you ever reach a point where any of it feels “easy.” You may find that you’re less quickly irritated, that your fuse under frustration takes a little longer to pop, or maybe you catch yourself just a little sooner when your mind sets sail for somewhere else while your face is having a conversation right in front of you. You’re teaching yourself how to tolerate discomfort, and how to be real with yourself about how you respond to it, too. You learn what happens when you don’t let distraction take over. You learn to be with what is – with what you actually are.

So, while I always hope that our “no-fail” weekend mindfulness challenges are interesting for you, I also hope this weekend’s version makes you a little uncomfortable. Read More

You do you

Solo Woman Euro Side Street_Francisco Moreno_Stocksnap

When I was a kid, the surest way to make anything more fun (besides adding ice cream) was to tell me I was allowed to bring a friend. Spend the afternoon being dragged around town running errands with grownups? Fine, if I can bring a friend. Chores, homework, long lines for anything, anywhere? No problem, if I can bring a friend. Friends make tough stuff easier and the fun times even better – for kids and grownups. As we get older, though, we recognize the deeper value of being connected to others, of having a support network to cheer us through the highs and hold us through the lows. Community can be a powerful anchor, and a lifeline at times. Now and then, however, it can also be a distraction.  Read More