Short-timer (x2)

City girl turned w backpack_Cynthia del Rio_Stocksnap

This post originally appeared on MindfulMBA on May 11, 2016, but it’s back because it’s oh-so just right for right now.

We’ve all heard the wisdom that “everything is temporary,” but the business school world offers an unusually high level of proof. It all starts the minute you see the word “Congratulations” in your email, and realize that you will, in fact, really be leaving that job. From that point forward, you embark upon a two-year journey through modules, semesters, classes, and even internships that you know are time-limited by design. It’s a wonderful truth when you don’t like where you are, and a sad one when you do, but it means that your opportunity to learn from the experience, and make an impact in it, is fleeting.  Read More