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You’re not a simple being. You have basic needs, yes, and dare I say it, some basic moments now and then. However, you are also everything the universe holds, condensed. You have limitless potential complicated by limiting beliefs ranging from self-doubt to ego-centrism, from ancestral trauma to fear of the unknown future.

Oh yes, though, you sure can make things harder than they need to be. Who’s surprised by that, though? You’ve got a lot going on in that consciousness of yours. You’re trying to do this spirit-becomes-a-human thing and it’s hard AF. That’s what you signed up for, though.

So be kind. Be gentle. Whatever you’ve got going on right now, choose to love yourself through it. Negative self talk likes to pretend it’s a motivator, but it’s just dead weight. Embrace your challenges as gifts, and remember that whatever is in front of you is no harder, or easier, than anything anyone else is holding.

There is no such thing as “simple” in the human experience. What would be the point if there was? You’d be bored out of your very human brain, and you know it. 😉

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Come through


Mindfulness isn’t easy. Focusing your attention on one singular thing, returning your attention to that place when distractions – internal and external – try to pull you away, and maybe even trying to sit still for more than a few seconds…these intentions are the opposite of how we live our everyday lives. We never have to be focused on one thing – in fact, we hardly know how to be even if we wanted to. And if we’re going to be still for any period of time, we’re either going to be asleep or staring at a screen.

So, it’s no surprise that many people give up on mindfulness pretty early on. We don’t like to not be good at things, and society doesn’t exactly reinforce the value of contemplative thought these days. So why not just bail, right? And then, it happens…  Read More

No-Fail Friday: I see you


This week, we uncovered the (not-so) secret truth that mindfulness is sneaky. Not sneaky in the sense that it’s dishonest or pretending to be something it’s not, but more so in how it has the tendency to come around when you least expect it. For example, you find you’re more focused than usual during a challenging activity, you’re calmer than is typical during a conversation with a person who usually sets you off, you didn’t completely lose your “ish” as you previously would when something unexpected threw a curveball in your plans. It may not happen all the time, or even most of the time, but you never forget the first time you notice it. You were intentional, present – mindful – and you weren’t even trying. It just happened, all by its own powerful self.

Now, moments like this can take some time – and practice – to conjure, which is where this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge asks you to step up.  Read More