“No-Fail” Friday: Up next


So, how’d your week go? Was it a good one, relative to your expectations? I ask because that’s usually how we gauge how something went. We go in with an idea of what’s to come, and measure what we experience accordingly.

Ever wonder what it might feel like to see things outside of that framework? To just be with what’s happening without looking at it through the lens of what it should be, or what you’d prefer it to be?

I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just asking if you’ve thought about it.  Read More

Monday Moment: Best laid plans

Shakespeare_Expectations quote w tag (Michael Podger)

You didn’t see it coming. This isn’t what was supposed to happen. You didn’t plan for this. Sometimes it’s easy to see how our expectations keep us out of the present moment, and sometimes it isn’t. When you don’t like what’s going on because it’s not the idea you had in mind for how things were going to be, it’s normal to try to fight it. Anger, frustration, disappointment, blame…all of these emotions result from clinging to the idea of your original plan, even when that plan is clearly not playing out.

You know I’m never going to tell you not to feel what you’re feeling. If you don’t, those emotions are just gonna hide somewhere and find their way out later when you least expect – or want – them to. You can make the choice, though, to get tangled up in them and dwell on the future you thought was coming, or move forward in the present that is. You can hold the grudge, be angry, and plot revenge if you really want to. But do you really want to? Is that the present you want to live in?

I mean, it’s Monday and you can’t change that. Stick around long enough, though, and in fewer than 24 hours, it will change itself.

Photo credit: Michael Podger

No-Fail Friday: Ride the wave


How’s your week been? As expected, or a little different? (See what I did there? lol – couldn’t resist!) Regardless, I hope it’s been a great one, but that you’re also looking forward to this weekend as much as I am. This week, we talked about the balance between planning and expectations. It’s a tough difference to negotiate, because what’s the point of a plan if you can’t expect it to unfold, right? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a mindfulness challenge.  Read More