Slightly panicked


People come to me to learn about mindfulness for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they’re stressed, sometimes they want to supplement a wellness practice they already have, sometimes they just heard it’s cool and are curious. Lately, there’s been a theme to the inquiries, though. In a nutshell, I’ll call it “mindfulness in the moment.” I’m hearing from a lot of you in the hours or moments before a big exam, presentation, or other stressful experience that you know is coming (there are plenty that we don’t, right?), asking for tips to manage the anxiety within as the clock approaches go-time.

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Up and up


Not long ago, I found myself outside early one morning just as the sun was coming up. I had made a special effort that morning to catch a super early yoga class in my neighborhood. It’s one of those things that is so hard to motivate to do, and then once you have, you realize it was so worth it. As I left the studio and walked the few blocks home, the sky above me shifted moment by moment from purple to pink to orange and yellow. It was breathtaking, and I couldn’t stop looking up — something it had been so long since I’d truly done.

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“No-Fail” Friday: Line of sight


This week, we’ve been chatting about focus and patience, both here on the blog and also on our “mini-mindfulness” mid-week break. (Did you miss it? Sign up for next week’s!) Summer is so full of movement — beginnings, endings, travel, and transitions of all kinds – that it gives us the perfect excuse to check out of this moment, and into what’s next. It’s easy to think that where we are right now doesn’t matter because soon, it will be over.

I mean, not to get dark on a Friday afternoon, but that’s true about everything. Just a logical flaw, that’s all I’m sayin’. Read More