“No-Fail” Friday: Greater good

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Who’s ready to close the book on this week? We started this conversation on Wednesday, when it was barely halfway over, and at last, we’re finally here. Interesting times we live in, so the least we can do is give ourselves the joy of a hard-earned Friday. Take a minute to catch your breath, and get ready to dive into the weekend ahead – which, of course, includes a mindfulness challenge.

Don’t worry, I’ve got energy levels in mind here.   Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: So, what’s up with you?


One of the best things about the weekend is that it gives you the chance to connect with people. You can catch up with friends, call your family, and of course, check in with yourself. Every weekend needs a little downtime, whether in the form of extra sleep, a nice long walk outdoors, or finally catching up on the latest season of that show you’re hooked on.

It’s nice to not have to go it alone all weekend, though, unless you’re hibernating on purpose. Read More

Monday Moment: Lifelong learning

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Did you ever watch “The Science Guy” growing up? Turns out that there’s more to Bill Nye than meets the eye. No surprise that he’s all about learning, though, and is up for sharing one of life’s best secrets with us here: class is always in session. Even better, we all have perfect attendance, no matter where we are. Every interaction you have holds potential lessons for you, if you’re paying attention. Each experience gives us the opportunity to really notice what’s happening, observe our reactions, and respond with intention.

No pressure, but there’s another half to this equation. You’re also a teacher. You don’t need a lesson plan, though. You may not know what lessons you hold for someone else, and you may not need to know. Just show up, and be present, so you don’t miss yours.

Photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz