Monday Moment: Work it out


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In honor of Labor Day in the U.S., a holiday responsible for a long weekend and some uncharacteristic (and much-deserved) lounging on beaches, poolsides and backyards nationwide…a word on work and play, and those wonderful moments of “flow” when it’s hard to tell the difference.

Play on. ;)

“No-Fail” Friday: What’s the upside

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I have great news for you. First of all, it’s Friday. Yes, finally. Longest week ever. From my perspective, anyway. And perspective was kind of the name of the game around here this week.

If you checked in on Wednesday, you lucked out. It was fun times around here, which was exactly the point. We all spend plenty of time making our way through piles of work, inboxes, and chores, all day long. It’s part of being an “adult,” right?

Well, yes. But also, not completely.  Read More

Fun & games


So, what’s been on your list for today? Lots and lots, I bet. Work, errands, obligations, meant-to-do-yesterdays and mean-to-do-somedays. As the ancient proverb days, adulting is hard. The agenda is really never empty. Even catching up with friends has to be scheduled, and sometimes weeks in advance. Downtime? Self-care? Sleep? Likely at the bottom of that list. And straight-up fun?

Well, that’s just child’s play.  Read More