“No-Fail” Friday: Looking ahead


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Even though our topic on Wednesday was about not getting lost in thoughts of the future all the time, it’s ok to admit the truth. I know you’ve had your mind on the weekend for a while now.  Well, at last, it’s here! The future you wished was the present is now exactly that. So, you officially have no excuse for not checking in, catching your breath, and trying out this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge.

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Forward thinking


It’s pretty tough to survive in the MBA world these days if you aren’t organized. Whether you’re just looking at the possibility of going back to school, you’re deep in the process of making your applications or the degree itself happen already, or you’re clear on the other side of all of that, on your hustle to make it to the next level, planning and organizing are probably key activities for your survival and your success. From creating agendas to setting goals and envisioning your dreams becoming reality, the future is where it’s at – except for the small complication that it doesn’t actually exist.  Read More

Questionable story

Guy w Places Youll Go_Tamarcus Brown

How are you at pep talks? When a friend needs a little boost to make it through a tough time or challenging experience, are you one of those people who can usually give them the motivation they need to keep going? I mean, we can all quickly say “You got this” when we see someone on the strugglebus, but some people seem to have a gift for saying exactly the right thing to ignite the spark that keeps the fire lit a little longer. Certain people can do that for others AND for themselves as well…but for a lot of us, the tone changes when it comes time to turn that voice inward, especially when we feel like the stakes are especially high.  Read More