Pouring it hot

Aerial view of hot tea drink with copy space

It feels so good, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes, anyway. That moment when you realize the person across the room from you is thinking the same thing about that other person, who just did something you both thought was super weird. Or, when you finally get the chance to grab some drinks with your work bestie, and blast your way through your entire floor before the ice has even melted on round one.

It’s easy, and so. very. human. We love to bond with each other because it makes us feel like we belong, which in turn makes us feel safe. Light chatter of the “hot tea” (aka, fresh gossip) variety also subtly reinforces what’s “normal” and “ok,” and what isn’t, according to us anyway – and hopefully the person listening. Kind of like…judgement. Well, exactly like it.


I’m not saying you’re never gonna divulge a juicy, hot-off-the-DM tidbit ever again. I’m also not saying I’m going to stop listening if you do. Buuuut, we could probably both do a little better some of the time to at least be aware of the choice. Pay attention to the little signals your mind and body send you when the intention has gone a little off the rails, and gotten lost. Maybe go ahead and just take a breath, and let that tea cool a minute before you sip.

“No-Fail” Friday: Swept up


Fridays are already just about perfect. As if that cake needed any icing, how great is it that the only challenge I’m ever going to pose to you on them is a “no-fail” one? Since mindfulness is more about intention and gentle effort than achieving any particular results or being “good” at it, so are our mindfulness challenges. If you your effort and intention is in the right place, then you’re doing a great job. Simple as that.

Our juicy topic this week was gossip. It’s fun, low effort, and light – sometimes. Read More

So I’ve heard

2 people & velvet curtains_David Marcu

“I mean, it’s just the truth, you know?”

“I’m not saying anything I wouldn’t say to his face.”

“People need to know.”

Like all topics I write about on this blog, I’m not coming at this one from a place of superiority. I’m right in the mix with y’all, and I know as well as anyone that gossip can be fun. Capital F-U-N, fun. Most of the time, it’s not about malicious intentions. No one’s trying to be hurtful on purpose, but you just get caught up in a conversation that probably started out about movies, or the Olympics, or your weekend, and somehow ended up in the realm of whispering and side eye. I live in the southern US, a part of the world where literally any form of trash-talking can be modified into innocent sweetness with the simple phrase “Bless her/his heart.” We all have our means of recovery, but the question is, did you really want to go there in the first place?  Read More