No-Fail Friday: Off script


Our topic this week was habits – specifically, the kind you don’t necessarily know you have. I mean, you probably know if you bite your nails, or have a tendency to interrupt people, or have a knack for using colorful language in the wrong settings (it’s just too perfectly descriptive sometimes, you know??). But, you may not realize that there are patterns established in the way that you think about the situations and people – including yourself – that you encounter everyday. Nothing a little “no-fail” mindfulness challenge can’t help with. Shall we?  Read More

On a loop


Do you have any habits that you’re proud of? Anything that you’ve worked hard to establish as a regular part of your daily or weekly routine? Maybe you work out, floss, call your mom, or say please and thank you every day. Perhaps you even have a nice thing going with a regular mindfulness practice (yes!! high five). Or, maybe there are habits you’re proud of having broken, like smoking or nail biting or letting your inner critic make you feel unworthy. Yeah…wait, what? What was that last one? Mmm hmmm, habits come in lots of forms, and not all of them are external.  Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Rinse or repeat


You might start to notice a pattern in this weekend’s “no-fail” mindfulness challenge. In fact, you may even find a few of them. This week, we talked about the habits, routines, and “anchors” we bring with us into new chapters, and the (totally normal) tendency we have to seek and create comfort zones in the midst of new and unfamiliar situations. Sometimes, that’s just what we need to stay sane. Other times, it’s exactly what keeps us from seeing what’s possible for us. So how do you figure out the difference? Well, the signs are right there, if you’re paying attention.  Read More