Monday Moment: Open-hearted

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We all know how it feels to love someone. It doesn’t matter the “kind” of love it is, or was.  You know that love makes you feel like a better version of yourself. It’s expansive; it reaches out. It feels like it fills in pieces you didn’t know were missing (because they weren’t — topic for another day). It makes you feel stronger, and makes the world seem bigger. It makes you feel limitless.

That’s the big love — the say-it-out-loud kind of love that we can clearly connect to another person. But what if it were possible to hold little pieces of that feeling for other people, too? Everyone has, or had, someone who loves them. Someone who feels or felt about them exactly as you feel about the people you hold closest to your heart.

What if you could see that love in everyone?

Taking this perspective requires an internal shift, and may be one you can only hold for a second or two. But, whoa, what a second or two that would be. For just a moment, your heart might be open enough to light a little piece of the sky — and as you know from experience, a little piece of you, too.

Monday Moment: Clear skies ahead

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At this point on Monday, you may be wondering if you’re body’s even awake, let alone your heart. Stick with me for a second though.  I think what Hafiz has in mind here is a different kind of awake than what your alarm does for you, although the trip there can be equally shocking at times.

An awake heart is an open heart — one that isn’t closed off in an effort to prevent disappointment or pain from touching it. When you close yourself off that way, you also close yourself off to the deepest levels of happiness, joy and of course, love, that the human experience can offer you. Keeping an open heart takes courage, though. It takes commitment, and yes, an extra dose of resiliency. It requires that you want those highs enough to persist through the discomfort of the lows.

You have to know that everything passes, eventually. There was a clear sky before the storm, and while there may be shifts in terrain, there will be clear sky after it, too. And as our old friend Pema reminds us, you’re lucky enough to be that sky. If you can pour rain, then you can also pour light.

Monday Moment: Reflects well

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We’re taking just a few steps back as we start our week to sit for just a second with our notion of generosity. How do we feel when we give of ourselves to others, whether a small gesture or a substantial gift or sacrifice on our part? After the afterglow of that moment passes, what do we expect next? Maybe you’re one of the few who actually expects nothing, and lets the moment sit as it is. It’s also possible, however, that even if you don’t actively await something in return, you may still hold a mental tally of “me – 1, you – TBD.” As you begin your week, consider the idea that giving is its own gift, and what you get when you offer someone your time, resources, or even just your positive energy, comes from you, and not anything they can offer in return.

In other words, to challenge Edith Wharton’s famous quote just a smidge, you can be the candle and the mirror that reflects its light.

Photo credit: Federico Beccari