Real talk

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We all know at least one of those people. The ones who say exactly what they’re thinking. They don’t hide their emotions, and seem to share every opinion. They are unapologetically who they are every moment of every day. As you think about a person like this in your life, you may find yourself of two minds about them. First, you think of the damage they sometimes do – the feelings they hurt (intentionally or not), the opportunities they may squash through lack of tact, the relationships they may lose over words and actions that are “direct” in nature.

Your second mind, though, probably leans a little differently. There’s something undeniably appealing about a person who holds nothing back. You know what you’re getting with them, and you know it’s the truth, whether you like the flavor it comes in on a particular day or not. You can’t help but…well…respect them for it. Read More

No-Fail Friday: Goes without saying…?


This week, we definitely took a swim in the deeper end of the mindfulness pool with our conversation on the truth, and its various complexities. If you stuck around for it, I give you credit, as it wasn’t the easiest stuff to digest. But, such is the work of growing into ourselves, right? If you want to live authentically, much less lead others to do the same, you have to do the work, starting with yourself. No one said leadership was easy.

As I said, I wasn’t trying to run an advanced seminar on moral philosophy so much as I was presenting some ways for thinking about how we use what we believe to be the truth. When and how we choose to speak matters, and has as much to do with what we need from ourselves as it does with any kind of external, moral code. This weekend’s mindfulness challenge will give you an excuse to think more about the “you” piece of this equation, which is not usually where our attention goes when we’re locked in battle with the truth.  Read More

True story


They say that it can be stranger than fiction. Sometimes it hurts. Allegedly, it can also set you free. It is critically important, whenever possible, to speak it to “power.” How can one thing be and do all of this, and probably more? Even more so, how can one thing that is capable of all of that always be “good”?

If you’ve spent five minutes of your life engaging with other people, then you know, the truth is, it’s complicated. People are complicated. You are complicated. And the truth itself? Well, that can be a matter of perspective.  Read More