We all know at least one of these people. They are the ones who say exactly what they’re thinking. They don’t hide their emotions, seem to share every opinion, and are unapologetically who they are every moment of every day. As you think about a person like this in your life, you may find yourself of two minds about them. First, you think of the damage they sometimes do – the feelings they hurt (intentionally or not), the opportunities they may squash through lack of tact, the relationships they may lose over words and actions that are, let’s say, “direct” in nature.

Your second mind, though, probably leans a little differently. Read More

Check yourself

Mardi Gras beads in tree_CRief

I’m not usually known for being early. I was born early…in the morning on the day after my due date, and that’s about how most of my appointments since then have gotten started – just a smidge after the scheduled start time. I think most people need an extra 2 or 3 minutes to really be ready, so I like to give it to them. Exceptions, of course, include interviews, meetings, or any other appointments over which, as I said, I’m not the boss. But, today I’m early, and I’ll tell you why. Read More