No-Fail Friday: Compare & contrast

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Happy “No-Fail” Friday! I hope it’s been a great week for you, and that you’ve been able to find the time here and there for some stillness, to find your breath, and reconnect with your personal path for the week, or the day, or maybe just that minute. If not, this weekend’s mindfulness challenge has you covered. Our conversation this week was about that path, and managing those moments when you think you know exactly where you’re headed, until you meet someone who seems to be headed somewhere else. It was about that moment of “Uh oh, wait…maybe I need to be doing that instead…?” and the ensuing uncertainty (and maybe panic) that follows. It’s a totally normal reaction, but it’s what you do next that makes all the difference.  Read More

You do you

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When I was a kid, the surest way to make anything more fun (besides adding ice cream) was to tell me I was allowed to bring a friend. Spend the afternoon being dragged around town running errands with grownups? Fine, if I can bring a friend. Chores, homework, long lines for anything, anywhere? No problem, if I can bring a friend. Friends make tough stuff easier and the fun times even better – for kids and grownups. As we get older, though, we recognize the deeper value of being connected to others, of having a support network to cheer us through the highs and hold us through the lows. Community can be a powerful anchor, and a lifeline at times. Now and then, however, it can also be a distraction.  Read More


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Last week we talked about the messy business of jealousy, and what it feels like to watch someone else achieve something that you’d really like to have gotten for yourself. It’s messy because it’s multi-dimensional. Jealousy starts out being directed towards someone else, but quickly comes right back atcha, getting mixed up with feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt, with the final layer of self-judgment for feeling all those feelings in the first place. Jealousy is the sangria of emotions. You can’t be totally sure what’s in it, and even if you think it feels good at first, eventually you’re in for a headache – or worse. Winning is different, though. When you’re the one scooping up the trophies, that’s when the Dom starts flowing. Headache, what? Not a chance.  Read More