Pouring it hot

Aerial view of hot tea drink with copy space

It feels so good, though, doesn’t it? Sometimes, anyway. That moment when you realize the person across the room from you is thinking the same thing about that other person, who just did something you both thought was super weird. Or, when you finally get the chance to grab some drinks with your work bestie, and blast your way through your entire floor before the ice has even melted on round one.

It’s easy, and so. very. human. We love to bond with each other because it makes us feel like we belong, which in turn makes us feel safe. Light chatter of the “hot tea” (aka, fresh gossip) variety also subtly reinforces what’s “normal” and “ok,” and what isn’t, according to us anyway – and hopefully the person listening. Kind of like…judgement. Well, exactly like it.


I’m not saying you’re never gonna divulge a juicy, hot-off-the-DM tidbit ever again. I’m also not saying I’m going to stop listening if you do. Buuuut, we could probably both do a little better some of the time to at least be aware of the choice. Pay attention to the little signals your mind and body send you when the intention has gone a little off the rails, and gotten lost. Maybe go ahead and just take a breath, and let that tea cool a minute before you sip.

“No-Fail” Friday: Friend zone

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The only thing better than the arrival of Friday is the rare Friday that happens to kick off a long, holiday weekend. You’ve got yourself one of that delicious variety today, if you happen to be in the U.S. (which I still am not! Yay, mindfulness travel!). You know that means a whole extra day for getting your “no-fail” mindfulness challenge for this weekend on, though, so of course that means we’re going to turn it up a notch.

What else would you do with that extra day, anyway? Don’t answer that…

Just a few days ago in this very spot, we tackled the contradiction in terms that the MBA experience (and the purposeful life in general) can often be. Read More

Monday Moment: Pass (on) the judgment


This quote aligns a bit with last Monday’s quote, and is not a bad bookend for last week overall, with Wednesday’s post about getting it all right, all the time. As we dive into spending time with people important to us this season, it can be tough to separate the love from the judgment. Why does he always do that? Why does she always say things like that?? Possibly good questions, but also ones you may ask every time you get together. So maybe, for a second, set it aside. Give it a rest. Remind yourself, I love this person, regardless of their imperfections. And while you’re at it, take a look in the mirror and do the same for that beautiful face there. After all, what we judge in others is often not totally different from what we are harshest about in ourselves. And, standing next to love, it can start to look pretty small – at least for that second.

Inhale, exhale, love. Have a great week. :)