That’s just silly

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Facts: Mondays can be rough. When things are hard, it’s tempting to vent to those around you to alleviate the yucky feelings from off your chest. In the moment, it feels like we’re handing them away to someone else. What we’re really doing is multiplying them — spreading them without reduction. Feeding negativity.

Venting feels good because it’s an effort at bonding, and it’s raw honesty. You don’t need to go low to get those things, though.

Today’s April Fool’s Day – a day built for lightness and laughter. For being silly, and letting your inner child run loose.

If you notice your Monday vibe isn’t quite what it could be on this day when jokes rule, mindfully shift. Lighten up. Since energy is contagious, consider spreading something more infectious than anything that weighs you down. 

Laughter. It’s the best medicine, capable of curing all mood-induced ills. Spread it far and wide, and let the epidemic rule the day.

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Monday Moment: Fun times

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Just because it’s Monday morning doesn’t mean you can’t start the week on a lighter note.  Let yourself have a chuckle or two today if the opportunity arises — especially if it can be at yourself. There’s always some fun to be had, if you’re paying attention. :)

“No-Fail” Friday: Take care

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Hey there, weekend! Just about, anyway. It’s Friday, it’s summer, and it’s time to exhale. If you like relaxing, you’ll love this weekend’s mindfulness challenge. This week was about those moments when life sidelines you. We all know we’re supposed to find time to take care of ourselves, to rest and recharge and be more present for our everyday lives. Whether we do it is another question, but there are times when we don’t have a choice, and we have to accept the fact that we’re not going anywhere fast for a while.  Read More