“No-Fail” Friday: Greater good

Light wrapped in lights_Riccardo Pelati

Who’s ready to close the book on this week? We started this conversation on Wednesday, when it was barely halfway over, and at last, we’re finally here. Interesting times we live in, so the least we can do is give ourselves the joy of a hard-earned Friday. Take a minute to catch your breath, and get ready to dive into the weekend ahead – which, of course, includes a mindfulness challenge.

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Monday Moment: Light it up


Hey there, and welcome to your week! Depending on where you live, it may feel like a big one. Maybe it does, regardless…Mondays are always a little challenging. Here’s a little wisdom from a potentially unexpected source, reminding us of where our power to be optimistic really comes from. Even if the week goes exactly as you’d like and darkness seems far away, you can never have too much light. Find where it starts within you, learn to connect with it, and then above all, share it.

Photo credit: Emile-Victor Portenart