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If you’ve spent some time on this site, you may have noticed that I’ve managed to post on topics related to using mindfulness in the MBA space three times per week for over a year and a half (<<pats self on back>>). Clearly, I feel there’s a lot to be said, and plenty of ground to cover. In case you’ve recently joined us, though, and have yet to binge-read the archives (on your to-do list, obviously), here’s an opportunity to get caught up. Or, perhaps more accurately, to understand the “why” for this voluntary labor of love.

With all the emphasis placed on going, moving, and producing in the MBA lifestyle, why in the world would you make the time to catch your breath? Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Called out

Beach Sunset 2 People_Leonie Fahjen_Stocksnap

There’s nothing better than a summer weekend, is there? Even if you have work to do, you can’t beat mixing it with some warm air, sun, and a little grass or sand between your toes. There’s also no better setting for a “no-fail” mindfulness challenge, especially one that can easily be done in any summer setting, from beach to BBQ.  Read More

Here, there & everywhere

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to teach mindfulness to a group of fitness instructors. The type of workout they teach is really accessible, and but also super tough, so their clients definitely encounter their boundaries in each class. They spend a lot of time encouraging students to really “check-in” to their bodies and minds during class, which definitely means encountering discomfort, but also encourages presence. Their philosophy is that each client needs to decide what works for them on a given day, and make the choice to push through the discomfort (never pain) or give it a break. So basically, as I told them, they’re mindfulness teachers in disguise. You may even be, too, you just don’t know it.  Read More