“No-Fail” Friday: Fight or flight


Yes, I know. It’s Saturday. I’m late. I’ll spare you the excuses but I will remind us both that late is better than never, and that you still have the whole rest of the weekend to work with this “no-fail” mindfulness challenge ahead of you.

See….upsides. It’s all always just a matter of perspective.

So. This week. <<Lays head in hands on desk.>> Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Duly noted


Most of the time, when people talk about why mindfulness can be challenging, it’s about quieting the chatter in their minds. We know our minds are busy, and sometimes that noise gets a little overwhelming. So, we focus on the potential for mindfulness to slow that rush, or more precisely, to give us space to observe it without getting too caught up in it.

As we talked about before, there’s a whole other layer to that internal framework, though, and it often suffers from neglect – and sometimes even denial. Read More

“No-Fail” Friday: Real deal


In this week’s earlier post, we went deep, y’all, and got into some big questions about what makes us tick, and why it can be so hard to just follow that beat and be ourselves. Authenticity is so magnetic in other people (even if the expression sometimes makes you wince), and yet so disconcerting when we see it in ourselves. We want it, but at the same time, we won’t let ourselves have it. Read More