Monday Moment: Up and at ’em

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I know, I know. Unless you’re waking up in a beachside villa or similarly lavish spot today, you probably rolled your eyes the moment you saw this quote. Mondays mornings often don’t exactly make us feel the magic of being alive. It’s ok, because it’s still true. So, even if maybe the first few moments (hours) of the day don’t feel especially delightful, that doesn’t mean the day is a total loss.

Maybe it’s possible that at some point before your Monday wraps up, you can find one moment in which it does feel that way. One moment of gratitude, contentment, or peace, before returning to your inbox and the competing demands and responsibilities of your day. One mindful breath that reminds you how fairly amazing it is that breathing is something you can – and must – do, for the privilege of being able to do and feel and be so much more beyond it.

Have a happy week. :)

Monday Moment: Natural rhythm

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There’s nothing like a single breath in the midst of chaos to bring you back to the present moment. One of the most amazing things about your breath is that it’s always there, whether you realize it or not. When you do notice it, however, you can use it intentionally to calm and center yourself. When your focus wanders and you need it again, it will still be there. It’s simple, effective, and always already with you. It lifts and it grounds. In every moment of your day and night, it is always present, ready to help you be the same.

Photo credit: Min An

Monday Moment: Double-sided


You’ve heard the saying that there are two sides to every coin, which of course, is true about way more than just coins. Depending on what’s up in your life lately, this quote may make you feel relieved, slightly panicked, or neither. They way something looks to you is entirely about your perspective, and the direction of your focus. Mindfulness trains us to both notice and gently guide our focus, while observing the responses that occur both within and outside of us as we move through life. It makes us more capable of realizing that what we experience has more to do with the lens through which we’re looking at it than with the thing itself. As Anaïs Nin reminded us many Mondays ago, no matter what we’re looking at, we’re always looking through ourselves first.

Have a lovely beginning to your week.

Photo credit: LoboStudio Hamburg