Uphill battle


Last weekend, I had the chance to escape the city for a few days and head to the mountains about an hour or so to the north. It was beautiful, and mercifully cooler than the summer heat that’s been laying flat on top of us down this way for weeks now. At one point while there, I decided to head out into nature and take a run. About half a mile into it, I realized something very important.  Read More

All around


Lately, I’ve been trying to start my day with something a little different. I’m a morning person, so even on the occasions when it’s tough to actually peel my body out of bed, once I’m up, the wheels start turning pretty quickly. It’s a good time for me to get things done, so that’s usually what I try to do. This often means that I dive right into work of some kind pretty early, and the day picks up from there. As a result, my goal of squeezing in a little meditation at some point during the day gets bumped and pushed down the agenda until there’s barely enough time to exhale at all, let alone be still for its own sake.

So lately, I’ve been trying to find a few minutes for some quiet first thing in the morning, with mixed results. Then, I realized I might be missing an opportunity – or several.  Read More

Monday Moment: The only constant


Depending on where you live, you may be seeing a lot of transformation around you these days. So in a sense, I see this quote and I think, welllllll….but, I get where Thoreau is coming from. I mean, this is also the guy who said this, so from his perspective, it’s all about the eye of the beholder (see what I did there?). What’s happening around you is less critical to your sense of peace and well being than how you see it. The only way you understand the world is through yourself. If you know yourself, you’ll recognize that you are always changing, and as you do, everything around you changes, too. It’s all a matter of perspective.

In the midst of such a beautiful season, take a moment – even on a Monday – to look around. Notice how when you do, that scenery isn’t the only thing that shines.

Photo credit: Fineas Anton