Bag drop


What better (or more mindful) way to start the New Year than with an effort to leave behind what you’ve actually already left behind. Like the old Zen story about the monks crossing the river, we carry a lot of extra “bags” with us when we hang on to thinking about what didn’t work, or what we wish had gone differently.

While reflection is part of what makes us exceptional as humans, it can also be a trap that prevents us from applying what we’ve learned to move forward. It’s where you believe you are right now, rather than where you’ve been, that has more to do with where  you’re going than anything else.

What are you going to build this year, and how do you get started on that from where you’re standing right now? Travel light, to make it easier for you to be the light, in the year ahead.

Photo credit: Vincent Guth

No-Fail Friday: Choose your own adventure


This weekend, we march into the uncharted territory of a new year – one whose gifts, challenges, opportunities and blessings are yet unknown. The question is, will you show up for it?

It is a choice, you know. Everything is. Every day, you are offered the chance to choose growth, to choose to know yourself better, to choose to see another person more clearly – more compassionately. You can take action from a place of authenticity, speaking the truth as it resonates with you. It isn’t always easy, but it is always possible, and it’s a choice that renews itself constantly.  Read More

Intents & purposes


Welcome back! How’s your 2016 going? Everything you hoped for and more? Kinda meh? It’s ok. We’re only about two weeks in, and January can be a tough month anyway. So how many of you are into the whole resolution thing? Whether you’re quietly raising your hand right now or not (thank you for participating), you likely started out the new year with a few ideas about things you’d like to do more, or less, goals you’d like to reach or items you’d like to check off of your bucket list. Some people really like this kind of planning, but others, not so much. A lot of us feel like we have to do it anyway, though. The new year offers a chance to raise to bar, and if you’re a self-respecting achiever, you have to take it. But what’s the premise of all that? What exactly are you trying to achieve, and perhaps more importantly, why?  Read More