Clearly creative

Tidy Office_Stocksnap_Anthony Delanoix

There’s a recurring theme that comes up in the questions students often ask in the mindfulness and meditation classes that I teach. Several themes, actually, but one of them essentially revolves around creativity. The question is basically about whether it’s always valuable to work to quiet your mind, or if perhaps ditching the leash and letting it roam free now and then might not only be a good thing, but potentially really productive – especially if you’re into engaging in a mildly important concept called “innovation.”

It’s not a new question. It is a great one, though. So solid, in fact, that not only has it been written about here and there, but it’s been scientifically researched. I’ve read so many articles and commentaries on the topic, and most of them just leave me scratching my head. I mean, I get the question. Won’t all of this effort to control the incessant chatter in my mind also potentially snuff out the radical genius who is one fresh idea away from changing the world? How do I tell the useless rambler to stuff it while still keeping the genius at work? Well, here’s why I’ve been scratching my head…it’s not rocket science (maybe neuroscience, though): you give the genius space to work. Read More