Cautiously optimistic

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There’s been something in the air lately, and for some of us, it might seem a little foreign. Many things about this year have made it less than a favorite for everyone, but as 2017 comes to a close, there’s been this rare phenomenon happening…dare I say it? Are some of us actually hearing…good news?

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Monday Moment: Getting warmer


This quote has been ringing in the back of my mind lately…as you set out to start a fresh week, maybe it will resonate with you as well. Sometimes, when we turn inward with mindfulness, we find things we would rather have ignored. Other times, or maybe even at the same time, we find the opposite. We connect with just what we need — energy, motivation, optimism, hope — right in there along with other, more challenging, emotions.

Whatever may be asking a little extra of you this week, may you be able to connect to some of that positivity – the resiliency – that is always within you. You have everything you need to walk the path you are on, but connecting with those deep, internal resources can take effort. Start with your intention, your attention, and your breath, and go from there. You may quickly find that you’re getting warmer already.

Photo credit: Ju On