“No-Fail” Friday: Naturally…

Wildflowers_Jon Ottosson_Stocksnap

Welcome to the weekend! Although if you’re inclined to celebrate the luck of the Irish, your weekend may have started yesterday. In that case, sláinte, but also, let’s get you some mindfulness…and maybe also some ibuprofen. Lucky you, this weekend’s mindfulness challenge will probably do you good in more ways than one.  Read More

Outside chance

Car in Field_Alan Cruk_Stocksnap

How’s the weather where you are? Is spring in the air? If it isn’t, you’re probably irritated that I asked, but hang in there. It’s coming (even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and have sliiiiightly longer to wait). It always does, and with rare exception, it wakes up our senses after a long winter’s nap with color, scent and warmth. What’s not to love about taking the time to mindfully pay attention to all of that? Read More