Are we there yet?

Recently, I was listening to an episode of a podcast I really like in which the main topic was the psychology of waiting. Every statistic, example, and anecdote that the host and guests discussed sounded like it came straight from the notes of my entire professional career in higher education, admissions, and coaching. So much of my work has been on one side of the waiting game or the other — waiting for applications to come in, waiting for admitted students to make their enrollment decisions. Now, I wait with the applicants I coach, counting the days until interview invitations and decision announcements come through.

Of course, I’m human, and have my own experiences with waiting under my belt.

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“No-Fail” Friday: Fight or flight


Yes, I know. It’s Saturday. I’m late. I’ll spare you the excuses but I will remind us both that late is better than never, and that you still have the whole rest of the weekend to work with this “no-fail” mindfulness challenge ahead of you.

See….upsides. It’s all always just a matter of perspective.

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“No-Fail” Friday: Next level


I’m not sure about life on your side of the screen, but over here, it’s been a loooong week. Every day has brought something that wasn’t originally on the agenda, and there’s been a lot of reshuffling and pushing through. Some weeks are like that, though. These are the times that I’m especially grateful for mindfulness, and like we talked about earlier this week, the ability to breathe and stay present through discomfort.

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