“No-Fail” Friday: Inner circle


So, this picture doesn’t totally go with this post, but I couldn’t resist. If that’s not how it feels to greet Friday, then I don’t know what is. Am I right?

Hey there, weekend! Great to see you. Now, to get us back on track…

We’ve been talking a bit lately about different topics related to boundaries. A few weeks ago, it was the limits of our energy during new beginnings, and then the limits we place on ourselves in the form of “self-knowledge.” This week, we touched on the edges of our own ambition, and what to do when you start to realize your goals might be changing. In those scary moments, course correction takes a lot of courage, but it is possible. All of these experiences can present external obstacles, however, in the form of risks and revised plans, not to mention opinionated friends and family questioning all of it. Sounds like a mindfulness challenge if I ever heard one. But don’t forget, it’s “no-fail,” so you’ve got nothing to lose by diving right in.  Read More

Monday Moment: Fear factor

Coehlo fears quote w tag

Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend. I’ve been giving some thought to limitations, lately, and the role we play in creating them for ourselves. I love this quote because it implies that the fears we take for granted as being protective in some way might actually, in some cases, be our heart simply trying to tell us that something is important to it. Have you ever thought about what your fears are made of? Might be the perfect week to start…

Have a courageous week. :)

Photo credit: Oliur Rahman